Sweetly Broken, Awesomely Flawed

I am a walking oxymoron.

A farm girl from New York. 

A retired U.S. Navy Sailor never stationed on a ship.

A career woman whose debt basically equated to a negative income.

One day I was presented with a seemingly impossible solution

that changed my trajectory and put me on a path toward a life that is properly ridiculous.

I embraced a life of magical realism. 

I go forward in such a manner that even a stumble results in an upward fall.

I have been through most of life's major stressors and have come out this side of forty with more passion and purpose than ever. 

I am sweetly broken and awesomely flawed. 

Stick around, I would love to share my whole journey with you; past, present and future. If you do, it is my prayer that you will I will gain a little something along the way, too. 

Love and Smiles, Carrie Kendon 


Podcast Launched Then Paused

My best yes was to not continue

this endeavor for a bit.


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