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Missed The Point

If you constantly ask, "why did God let this happen?" you are missing the point of the struggle.

Life is tough all over from time to time. For some, more often than others. This isn't to minimize anyone's struggles. Life is real. In the pit it often feels unbearable. Someone reading this right now is likely thinking, "whatever, Carrie, you don't know how bad I have it". That person is correct and I can say the same thing in return. This is a message of positive thinking; I practice it, unapologetically, but I often need reminding.

Life is tough all over

If you consistently whine and "Wahhhhhh", you are allowing ourself to be a victim not of only the first circumstance, but also, your choice to stay wallowing in whatever excrement was thrown your way. Take the power back.


Instead, remember:

1. You will make it through. You have made it through every day up until this one, so chances are you will make it to tomorrow. Keep going.

2. You are worth the reward that follows the trial. We aren't often privy to the prize. Struggle for 26.1 miles and get a medal. Have cancer or a brain issue and .... what? Whatever it is, you are valuable enough for it. Keep fighting.

3. Your triumph story is worthy to be told. # MeToo can be for so many different struggles. Familial, medical, financial, job-related, abuse, emotional, on and on -- there is someone out there going through what you have already, or someone in the pit with you now. Find them. Keep sharing.

It helps me to ask, "what do you want me to do about it, God", instead of "why me?" There are many "why me" moments, but I strive to learn from each situation. To grow. To choose the victor banner over the victim badge. And when down into a pit again, travel back to #1.

Choose the victor banner over victim badge.

The point of your struggle is to put you in a position to help others. To see life differently. Don't miss the point of your hardship. They aren't meant to break you, they are meant make you.

I was once told "Don't waste your cancer", meaning, I was given another chance at life. Now I use that as a motto for most of my challenges.

Don't waste your cancer.

What's your (cancer redemption/rescue/overcoming story)? Don't waste it.

If I hadn't been pregnant with Clara, I wouldn't have been at the doctor who found my cervical cancer in 2009. Seeing her explore the trails above the beaches of Normandy, France this summer was my absolute joy. "She was sent to rescue me".

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