• Carrie Kendon (Sanders)

Memories of Dad

In no particular order, a running list. Hopefully never finished. I love when I remember something I hadn't thought about in a while.

Randy Travis. You loved singing his songs while driving us to and from MBH farm. To this day if someone ever turns a Randy song off while still playing, I am likely to kick them.

Any open highway. Lord only knows how many miles I spent in tbe truck with you going to State Fairs carrying a load of Limousin cattle.

Dodge Trucks. You loved your grey Cummins Turbo Diesel we picked up from that little place on 22 in Amenia.

Egg sandwiches. You made one for me on the first day of school eaxh year I lived with you. I really detested eggs but didn’t have fbe heart to tell you. Now, I add salt and pepper just like you did.

Whistling. Joe whistles just like you did. He doesn’t know how much my heart sings when I hear it, and then I get sad. Bittersweet moments. But mostly sweet.

Ponderosa or Shoney’s restaurants. You were a creature of habit for some things. You knew there would be something for everyone at either of those. We mapped some trip stops by Shoney’s alone. Sorry to say, going to one now isn’t what it was.

Hay. Not just the thousands of bales I tossed or dragged around the farms, but also how you would say “Hey!” Every. single. time we would pass a hay field with round bales sitting waiting to be moved.

“Momentarily Bewildered”, not lost.

“That sign says, ‘Be Alert’, but I can’t be a lurt, I am a man”.

“Littering is illegal but $100 is fine? Apparently you can throw money out  but nothing else”.

“He is going to work here”


“Because he needs a job and we have work”

“He is going to stay with us”


“Because he needs some time to figure some things out and we have space to let him do that”

The TV show Coach

Your "Bull" hair cut.

Jack Daniels.

Single ply toilet paper.

Prom dress shopping.

Christmas shopping at the old town store in Chatham. I got a scooter.

“Texas or bust” truck with the backwards bolted seats in the bed.

High dive in San Antonio

Mini cheese wheels.

Fire ants in New Braunfels.

The number 32

The Verbank Inn

You sleeping while I drove on the highway for the first time. It was night, in a torrential downpour.

The distinctly unique way you loved each of your siblings for who they were.


Selling cable door to door.

"You don't want the same ting to happen to you that happened to Sam, do you?"

You asking us to take off your boots and socks

How much you loved your hair after you embraced the salt and pepper look

Wrapping our own Christmas gifts

Dolphins Starter jacket

Calling out a teacher at Four Brothers.

Ugly swimsuit

Game. Night gone wrong. Tween hormones.

Face eaten off your deer head. (Snippy and Snoopy)

Hand built bunk bed.

So much said with so few words.

Scarring my friends and I every chance you would get.

“I don’t have to worry about you”

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