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Just Spilled Milk: Lessons From Grammie #3

One-day Grammie said I could have milk and cookies. As I walked to the kitchen she said “be careful pouring the milk” …. Well, you know what happened next, I spilled the milk. I spilled the milk all over her kitchen carpet. CARPET in the kitchen, I am so glad that trend is over, but anyway… I thought for sure she would be so upset with me that I frantically tried to clean the milk myself. On my hands and knees in the kitchen, a dozen paper towels laid out I froze when I saw her feet just a few paces away. I looked up and prepared for the “I told you to be careful” speech but Grammie didn’t say a word, she simply crouched down next to me and helped me clean it up. She taught me that when you see a need you don’t ask if they need help, you just figure out a way and help.

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