• Carrie Kendon (Sanders)

It's That Simple

I watched a show yesterday in which the main character's bestie asked, "are you going to fight for it or not". To which the man replied, "it isn't that simple'. Bestie said, "yes, it really is. Everything you do is on either side of a line; either you are fighting for something or you are not".

Either you are fighting for something or you are not

Some things are handed to us and we cannot refuse them. No matter how ugly, we must accept they are here. We can, however, choose how we will step forward with that new weight.

I have not always accepted my medical condition, or many of life's challenges, with grace. I had a pity party just yesterday. I am not sorry that I did. Gravity is heavy and sometimes it just needs to put it down for a bit.

Gravity is heavy

But exactly when needed, I got a sweet glimpse of "my why". I was given the chance to help Mailan with her research paper. I took the opportunity to do the "Tooty Ta" with Clara. (We laughed so hard we cried.) And I caught another vision of sitting on the patio of our forever home looking over the water with Joe. So, I once again chose to pick up my yoke, knowing others are carrying it with me, and face another day with hope and strength.

do the "Tooty Ta"

Friends, if you need to put it down for a bit and have a cry fest, a pity party, a "woah is me" moment, go for it! Get it out. Hit something (not a person), scream out loud, sob until your pillow is soaked with tears. But then look up! Find at least one thing you can do to help, to laugh or to dream. And then pick yourself up and fight on!

Fight on!

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