• Carrie Kendon (Sanders)

Approaching The Falls

From the bottom of Niagara Falls, it would be extremely difficult for a boat captain to not notice if the boat were approaching it. The rumble of 3000 tons of water falling per second has been equated louder than the roar of a lion and similar to that of a rock concert. Visually, the site is enormous, over 50 meters high, and gloriously beautiful. As one gets closer, the mist is tangible and those approaching eventually get wet.

From the top of the falls, in contrast, it may not be so easy to see the impending plummet that will occur if the route is not deviated. When conditions are right, one may see the mist rising or hear the rumble from the falls below, but under certain parameters (ie. darkness, poor weather, etc.) the fact there is a death calling drop would only be discovered when the option of turning around might have already passed. Luckily for modern day sailors, there are plenty of warning signs along the way.

Life is like a waterfall. From a distance, simply beautiful. Up close, it can be wild and loud and unrelenting. One can prepare for the voyage, have all the right lessons and credentials. His paths can be laid out before him, but one day the conditions change and all that he expected can be washed away. He can either give up and go over with it or we can heed sound advice and quickly change course. It may be too late for the boat; let it go over the falls if you must, but when someone throws a lifeline, grab it! Life, unlike boats, only comes once.

Life is like a waterfall.

Our view of Horseshoe Falls from Canada May 2019

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